Papworths Construction Testing Service - NDT
Concrete Non-destructive Testing


Impact Echo

PCTS offer Impact Echo Thickness Certification, an acoustic non-destructive test method used to assess the dimensions and integrity of concrete and masonry.

Half Cell Potential

PCTS measure the potential of an embedded reinforcing bar relative to a reference half-cell placed on the concrete surface.

Cathodic Protection

There are a number of cathodic protection systems available that provide proven performance. The difficulty is determining which is the most appropriate for a particular structure.

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo

CTS offer Ultrasonic certification. UPE is a method for non-destructive evaluation of concrete. The output from the MIRA UPE testing equipment is shown on screen immediately after testing for on-site flaw detection.

PCTS - Experienced technicians, reliable results! We offer the very best value service when it comes to non-destructive testing.

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NDT - Schmidt Hammer

PCTS Schmidt Hammer certification, strength and elastic properties of concrete such as surface hardness and penetration resistance can be determined and a test certificate can be issued on site.


PCTS use Proceq Schmidt Hammers to measure the rebound value of a test impact on a structural member. PCTS can quickly and easily determine the compressive strength of hardened concrete and other construction materials.


PCTS Technicians are available to:

  • Determine early age strength

  • Provide precast quality assurance

  • Measure surface strength

  • Accurate to ±20% (need 20MPa; test for 24MPa).

concrete ndt schmidt hammer






























Ground Penetrating Radar

PCTS offer Reinforcement Mapping and Cover Certification.

PCTS use Ground Penetrating Radar technology to determine concrete cover as well as locate embedded reinforcement steel.

PCTS offer sub-surface imaging and reinforcement mapping on- site and in the form of a test certificate.

Electrical Resistivity Test

PCTS carry out Electrical Resistivity Testing using the Wenner Four Point Probe to assess the quality / uniformity of concrete at various depths.

Impulse Response

PCTS offer IR certification, a method of non-destructive evaluation of concrete based on the use of impact-generated stress (sound) waves that propagate through the structure and are reflected by internal flaws and external surfaces.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

PCTS use Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity technology to measure the transit time of a pulse between transducers placed on the surface of a body of concrete.

The pulse velocity is then calculated using the measured path length through the concrete.

NDT Radar