Papworths Construction Testing Service - NDT
Concrete Non-destructive Testing


Impact Echo

PCTS offer Impact Echo Thickness Certification, an acoustic non-destructive test method used to assess the dimensions and integrity of concrete and masonry.

Half Cell Potential

PCTS measure the potential of an embedded reinforcing bar relative to a reference half-cell placed on the concrete surface.

Schmidt Hammer

PCTS use Proceq Schmidt Hammers to measure the rebound value of a test impact on a structural member. PCTS can quickly and easily determine the compressive strength of hardened concrete and other construction materials.

Cathodic Protection

Galvanic anode systems are much simpler than impressed current cathodic protection systems and the Roll Anodes enable the precise location of anodes for a particularly simple internal anode system. In the best case scenario simply drill holes, insert the Roll Anode, fill with activator paste and connect to the reinforcement.

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Perth Concrete Testing Services (PCTS)







NDT - Ground Penetrating Radar

PCTS use a high frequency GPR to locate objects such as rebar, conduits and post-tension cables embedded in concrete. PCTS also offer handheld GPR units for reinforcement mapping; data is collected in a grid format to produce a map of any targets located in the concrete.


PCTS apply GPR technology as it is totally non-destructive and can quickly map large structures. GPR is a pulse echo method: radio wave energy propagates through the test object from a moving antenna. These waves travel through the test object and echoes are created at boundaries of dissimilar materials.
The arrival and strength of these echoes can then be used to calculate the properties and inclusions listed below.


CTS use GPR technology to detect:

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Ground Penetrating Radar

PCTS offer Reinforcement Mapping and Cover Certification.

PCTS use Ground Penetrating Radar technology to determine concrete cover as well as locate embedded reinforcement steel.

PCTS offer sub-surface imaging and reinforcement mapping on- site and in the form of a test certificate.

Electrical Resistivity Test

PCTS carry out Electrical Resistivity Testing using the Wenner Four Point Probe to assess the quality / uniformity of concrete at various depths.

Impulse Response

PCTS offer IR certification, a method of non-destructive evaluation of concrete based on the use of impact-generated stress (sound) waves that propagate through the structure and are reflected by internal flaws and external surfaces.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

PCTS use Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity technology to measure the transit time of a pulse between transducers placed on the surface of a body of concrete.

The pulse velocity is then calculated using the measured path length through the concrete.

NDT Radar